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My research interests are in international and regional migration governance, refugee and migrant integration, forced migration and immigration policies in Latin America. I am also interested in exploring the role of social connections in refugees' and migrants' pathways to inclusion. 

My research is concerned with understanding how migrant and refugee governance, protection and inclusion are achieved and experienced in Latin America, with a particular focus on the role of high and middle-income countries within developing regions. I am also conducting research on the impacts of social connections on refugees’ experiences of integration in Scotland, and beyond, with colleagues of the Migration and Social Connections Team at the IGHD. 


I am PI of the EU-AMIF project ‘New Scots Integration: A Pathway to Social and Economic Inclusion’, and Co-I of a recently awarded RSE Research Grant to explore long-term refugee integration in Scotland (with Dr Emilia Piętka-Nykaza). 

I am a founding member of CAMINAR, Comparative Analysis in International Migration and Displacement in the Americas, established in April 2020 with colleagues from seven institutions in Latin America. Our current research examines the impacts of COVID-19 on migrants and refugees in the region, as well as the extent to which migrants have been included in the mitigation responses to the pandemic.

In 2020-21 I also co-lead a cross-regional research project (with Prof Parvati Nair), funded by QMUL Strategic Research Priorities Fund, aimed to explore the role of civil society organisations supporting migrant populations in Brazil and India in the context of Covid-19 (Migration, Pandemic and Civil Society - MigPanBrIn). 

As a Research Associate of the MIGPROSP project, led by Professor Andrew Geddes, I gathered qualitative data through more than 100 interviews conducted in eight countries across four world regions, in order to explore how key individuals within migration systems understand international migration and how these perceptions shape migration governance.

As part of my doctoral studies, which explored the resettlement experiences of a group of Colombian and Palestinian refugees in Chile and Brazil, I carried out two extended fieldwork visits, establishing partnership with different institutions, and securing external grant funding for my field visits. For this study, I implemented a qualitative driven mixed-methods research design that included 80 semi-structured interviews, a survey, and participant observation in two implementing agencies.

All the pictures on my website (these ones included) have been taken by me during fieldwork visits. The photos shown in this gallery were taken in Japan, Brazil, Chile and the Philippines.

Associate Researcher MIGPROSP 

Prospects for International Migration Governance

Awarded in March 2016

University of Sheffield

Ph.D. in Human Geography


University of Sheffield

M.A. in International Studies


University of Chile

B.A. in Social Communication and Journalism


Research Assistant ID100 project

100 key questions in International Development

Research Projects

Funding and Grants

2020      Research England QR Strategic Research Priorities Fund for the project ‘Migration, Pandemic and Responses from the 

              Third Sector: Lessons from Brazil and India' Co-I with Prof Parvati Nair. Amount: £60,000

2020      LASA-FORD Special Project Award as part of CAMINAR research group. Project ‘The crisis of forced displacement and

              responses to COVID-19 in Latin America’ Amount: US$12500
2020      Inter-American Development Bank. Assessment of the impacts of COVID-19 in Latin America.

2019      Queen Mary Global Engagement Research Initiation Scheme. Amount: £2000

2018      IHSS Early Career Workshop Funding Scheme to fund the academic event ‘Displacement and Refugee Protection in Latin 

              America and beyond’.  Amount: £1000

2018      University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) grant for the workshop ‘Understanding the ethics of interdisciplinary 

              research in refugee camps’, held in June 2018. Event co-organised with colleagues of Urban Studies, Landscape and the 

              Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures. Amount: £1300

2018      EU-LAC Foundation award for co-financing events. ‘Crisis of Gobernability? The politics of Migration governance in Latin

              America and Europe’, October 3-4 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (co-writer of the proposal and co-organiser of the event with

              colleagues at the European University Institute). Amount: €7500

2017      Research Visit Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik / German Development Institute (DIE). December 2017. Travel,

              accommodation and subsistence expenses.

2015      SIID Funding Conference Support to present at the RGS-IBG Annual Conference University of Exeter, from Tuesday 

              1 September to Friday 4 September 2015. Amount: £420

2014      White Rose DTC Interdisciplinary Student Led Network funding for the creation of the White Rose Postgraduate Migration

              Research Network. Amount: £605

2014      Conference travel and fees grant from the IASFM Conference Organisers, Universidad Javariana, Bogotá, Colombia. 

              Amount: USD$1500

2014      Society for Latin American Studies (SLAS) Postgraduate Conference Bursary 2014 to attend 50th Anniversary. Conference

              in 2014 at Birkbeck, University of London. Amount: £200

2013      Slawson Award, Royal Geographical Society with IBG. The award supports geographical fieldwork involving development

              issues with a high social value. Amount: £2100

2012      Society for Latin American Studies (SLAS), SLAS Postgraduate Travel Award.  Amount: £600

2012      Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID), Travel Bursary.  Amount: £1000

2012      Bursary CRS Summer Course on Refugee Issues, York University, Canada.  Amount: CD$400.00

2011      CONICYT Becas Chile Scholarship for PhD, National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research. 

              Amount: total tuition fees, flights and monthly allowance

2008      University of Sheffield, University International Scholarship. Amount: £5150                                                                             2008      CONICYT Scholarship Master Abroad.  Amount: monthly allowance and flights.

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